Niche Meetup Ltd is a global online franchisor that offers a simple, but ideal business opportunity for a want-to-be-Influencer. We provide a business accelerator community for our members to sharpen their entrepreneurial-skills and leverage our unique ​Tribe MarketingTM platform called ​Niche Platinum Chapters​ (NPC). Here, Industry Experts (Chapter Presidents) have an opportunity to make a fast transition from a Bricks & Mortar business model to an online format. This is simply achieved by providing a systematized professional ​Mastermind platform that curates​ Niche Meetup events targeting; want-to-be entrepreneurs, small business owners and executives. This demographic appreciates results-focused, regular meetings (online or off-line) to expand their network, maximise the potential to grow their brand, hit sales targets and gain access to key contacts and opportunities globally.

Q & A

  • Do I need to own a business?  A: No. You can be a business owner, Executive or manager and graduate of Start Results Incubator Program where you have successfully created your own brand.
  • How many Online Coffee Meetings can I attend as a visitor? A: 2, then you will be asked to join.
  • Can I attend the Masterclass or Council meetings without being a member? A: No. This is dedicated training and skills development for people committed to the journey of min 3 months.
  • How long is the membership? A: It has a 3 months calendar duration. Within this time you get access to all the coffee meetings, Council groups, mastermind and Online course for the duration.

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